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Pastor Irik Archie & Tyra Archie are co-founders of Life Change Ministries. Pastor Archie is a native of Houston, TX, and grew up in church and the fear of the Lord was instilled in him at a young age. After one of his older brothers was murdered in 1994, his life began to take a turn for the worse. He began engaging in a lifestyle that he never intended which included drugs, alcohol, fornication and riotous living. In 2003, Pastor Archie began to take a hard look at his life and became determined to make a change for the better. He knew committing his life to God was the only way this change was possible. In 2004, he received the Holy Ghost and God’s power freed him from the sinful lifestyle that had him bound, proving, that if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. After his conversion, he became active in outreach ministry, which consisted of street meetings, door to door, nursing homes, prisons and shelters.

In 2007, Irik Archie was ordained a Pastor and continued working in outreach ministry. He also held a leadership role in the Mass Communications department where he led the television and radio ministry efforts. Pastor Archie served God’s people through counseling numerous families and aiding the needs of the congregation with instruction and guidance from the Word of God.  In 2009, Pastor Archie developed a burden for salvation and the success of students on university campuses.  With the direction of God, he founded the first Life Change bible study organization on the Texas Southern University campus.  Through his changed life, love, dedication and message of hope, many students have gained salvation, success, peace and joy.  Today, with eleven Life Change organizations throughout Texas and Louisiana, each campus has maintained a 100% graduation rate and is ever-growing with young men and women who have the same heart towards God.

Today, Life Change Ministries is a direct reflection of Pastor Irik Archie’s ministry and heart towards God and his people.  He is even more dedicated to bring God’s Word to the world through a message filled with hope and love.

Pastor Irik Archie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management, and an MBA from Texas Southern University.  He is married to Tyra Archie and has one son: Gabriel Archie.  He resides in Houston, TX.