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One Word. One Church. Four Locations.

One Word, one church, one ministry! We have 4 locations but we are all ONE!  Together our ministry is focused on bringing hope to the world! Christ came to heal and save those that were lost, broken, and even those who simply needed to find their purpose and we are carrying his mission. When you experience the HOPE that is in God, you will never be the same!

Our services include uplifting messages that help you understand:

  • “What you FEEL is what you are FILLED with.” If we fill ourselves with God’s Word, we will feel the things that come from his spirit like joy, peace and hope.
  • Not to allow fear to hinder you from acquiring all that God has for you. We can’t allow fear of failure or past hurts and pains to make us have a lack of faith in what God has promised us. There is nothing we cannot overcome with God! Ask yourself, “what is bigger…. sin, or GOD”?
  • The power of the mind.  If we are able to change our minds through the power of God, we will inevitably change our LIVES! In essence a changed mind precedes a changed life!!!

Visit us at one of our physical locations in Houston, TX, Dallas, TX or Lafayette, LA.  You can also join our online congregation as well.  You can look forward to hearing uplifting messages that are centered in the Word of God.

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